About Us

Who We Are

Our first car factory was opened back in 1983 in Iran. After the successful work of the factory in 2011, it was decided to expand in another country, in particular Georgia, where in 2012 we registered our business as “Persian Trade Center” Ltd and are still successfully operating in the Georgian market.

At the initial stage of the work of our business, we were engaged in the import of rubber tubes, sharpening nets, ropes, organic glasses, pipes, carpets, etc. from Iran.  In a while, we expanded our business by importing first and second-degree ceramic tiles (granites).

Our main value is high-quality products at an affordable and reasonable price. In the first place for us is to make our customers satisfied with our service as much as possible. The number of our customers is the main indicator of the quality of our product.

In the future, we are going to export our products from Georgia to any other country in the world. For this, we already have our own transport that will help us in further development and expansion of our company.

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